Tampa Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always look out for their policyholders. A lot of times, they just look out for themselves. Call us if you need help resolving a dispute with your insurance company. Whatever kind of insurance it is, we can help.
— Matthew A. Crist

We all buy insurance to protect ourselves and our property.  We buy homeowners' insurance and flood insurance to protect our homes, we buy car insurance to protect our vehicles, and we buy life insurance to protect our loves one when we pass.   

Homeowners' claims, flood claims, and life insurance claims are routinely denied by insurance companies. Insurance companies are businesses, and they try to maximize their profits just like any business. Unfortunately, denying and underpaying valid and legitimate claims is one way they do this. 

Choose the Right Lawyer, Right Away

If need to make an insurance claim after a loss, you need to hire an experienced lawyer that will handle the claim with care. An experienced attorney will take the time to explain the claims resolution process and the coverages available, research and investigate the loss,  submit the claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and effectively litigate the claim if that becomes necessary.

When choosing an attorney to represent you in an insurance dispute, you should select a lawyer with experience in making insurance claims and has the skills and knowledge to handle insurance adjusters to maximize your recovery.  If you have a question or want to learn more, please contact us.

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What We've Achieved on Behalf of Insurance Policyholders

  • Reversed life insurance company's decision to deny life insurance benefits to a widow following the untimely death of her husband.


  • On behalf of a senior citizen following a catastrophic head injury, recovered the maximum amount of coverage available against one of the largest homeowners' insurance companies in Florida.