I Was Just in a Car Crash. Now What?

A car crash can be an extremely stressful situation.  Right after the collision, you may be confused, full of adrenaline, and unsure about what to do.  It is important to protect yourself, so do the following:

First, call the police.  Law enforcement needs investigation the crash, interview witnesses, write a crash report, and issue citations if necessary.  The crash report will provide the names of all the people involved, including any witnesses, their contact information, and their insurance policy information.

Second, assess your medical situation and call 911 if you think need medical attention.  You may not recognize if you have been injured or not because of the stress of the crash.  If you are not sure, and if anyone asks, just say that you are not sure if you have been injured. 

Third, gather the names and phone numbers of any witnesses to the collision.  You cannot always rely on law enforcement to do an adequate job investigating.  Put this information away for future reference.

Fourth, take pictures.  The more you can document about the collision scene, the better off you are.  Take pictures of your vehicle and all the other vehicles involved, the other people involved in the collision, and the scene of the crash to document the weather conditions, the road surface, and any stop signs or traffic lights.  You should also take pictures of law enforcement and emergency vehicles to further document the crash scene.

Fifth, call your automobile insurance company.  Regardless of who caused the crash, your own insurance company will be involved, so go ahead and make them aware of what happened.

Finally, if you were injured in the collision, contact us at (813) 575-5200.