Tampa Workplace Injury Attorneys

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are complex and are always changing. If you have been seriously injured on the job, hire someone who will investigate the case and discuss all of your options with you.
— Matthew A. Crist

Every year, millions of Americans are injured at work. Falls, automobile accidents, and accidents caused by heavy or dangerous equipment can all cause serious injuries while on the job. Every employer in Florida has a duty to provide its employees with a safe work environment, but workplace injuries still happen.  

If you are injured at work, under Florida’s workers’ compensation laws, the amount that you may recover from your employer is limited. In many cases, these laws prohibit an employee injured on the job from bringing a lawsuit against the employer or co-employee that caused the injury. 

But depending on the circumstances of the accident, there are exceptions to Florida’s workers’ compensation laws. Based on our experience, we know what these exceptions are, and we use them in representing our clients that have been injured on the job.

Choose the Right Lawyer, Right Away

When choosing an attorney to represent you for injuries you received while on the job, you should select a lawyer that has a lot of depth and experience in handling cases involving workers’ compensation and has the skills and knowledge to maximize your recovery.  If you have a question or want to learn more, please contact us.

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What We've Achieved on Behalf of Employees Injured on the Job

  • Achieved the maximum recovery for an employee who was injured when a drunk driver veered off the road and crashed into the construction site that he was working in.

  • Successfully represented a security guard injured by falling cargo during a routine inspection of a truck leaving a distribution warehouse.